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Our association has many functions, one of which is to provide you with information on licensed family child care homes in your area.


Use the interactive map below to view providers near you, or call the referral provider for your zip code to learn about openings, get your questions answered, and get some helpful hints when interviewing a prospective child care provider.


Please remember our service provides referrals only.  No recommendations are given.  Parents have the responsibility to interview the provider and inspect the home.

Referral Providers


If you are a child care provider in Jefferson County and would like more information in becoming a member of our association visit the “Child Care Providers” page. This will provide you with the benefits of becoming a member of our association, including eReferral – a service to make you more accessible to families searching for child care.

JCCCA does not assume responsibility for any fact or opinion given within nor does acceptance of any advertising, paid or complimentary, imply endorsement for any products or services by JCCCA.


The early years of a child's life are a vital part of their overall and long-term development.  It’s important that families find a care program that fits their needs and beliefs.  There are many options for child care in Colorado.  Licensed family child care home programs are a great setting for many families!


Licensed family child care home programs and providers have many benefits for families. 

(It’s important to know that unlicensed programs are not required to follow these requirements.)


  • Background checks  Providers, employees, and other adults living in the home have a FBI & CBI background check and child abuse/neglect records check.

  • Completed health statement from a licensed physician for everyone living in the home.

  • Providers must complete at least 15 hours of training a year including mandatory Building & Physical Premises Safety; Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Response; Prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome & Abusive Head Trauma; Prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome & Use of Safe Sleeping Practices; Recognition & Reporting of Child Abuse & Neglect; Standard Precautions; CPR & First Aid; Administration of Medication; Child Care and Preschool Immunization; and at least 3 hours of Social Emotional training.

  • State supervised Licensed family child care homes have at least one unannounced visit every year from a licensing specialist from the Division of Early Care and Learning to assure the program is complying with Colorado child care licensing rules & regulations.

  • Continuity of Care  Children are with the same provider over a long period of time allowing the child and adult to build a loving, trusting, close relationship.  Frequent transitions between teachers, classrooms, and programs are not necessary reducing stress on children and families.  Children develop friendships that can last years. 

  • Multi-age group benefits  Siblings can stay together in care.  Children learn to work cooperatively, develop multi-age friendships and feel a sense of “family” within the group.  Providers understand, respect, and work with each child’s individual development.

  • Smaller group sizes Regular family child care homes are licensed for up to 6 children preschool aged and younger with the ability to care for two additional school-aged children during non-school hours.  The Experienced Provider, Large Home, Three under Two, and Infant Toddler licenses allow for other capacity and age options.  A program’s capacity can always be found on their Colorado state issued child care license, which should be in easy view.

  • Teaching & Care Practices  Family child care homes offer a variety of teaching and care practices including play-based learning, school-readiness activities, social emotional skill building, enrichment activities, field trips, and more tailored to each child’s individual needs and development.

  • ”A Home Away From Home”  Family child care homes are located in a provider’s home in a setting similar to what children are used to and what families value. 

  • Nutritious meals  Eligibility to enroll with a Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) to assure children are receiving nutritional meals while in care and help for programs with food expenses.  CACFP consultants visit programs 3 times a year for educational and regulation purposes.

  • Professionalism Becoming a licensed family child care provider is one step to being a professional in the field of Early Childhood Education and Care.  Membership in local, state, and national associations helps build further professionalism. 

JCCCA offers referrals to licensed family child care programs only, not recommendations.

It is each family’s responsibility to interview, inspect, and decide on a program that meets their needs.

Families can use this checklist from Colorado Shines to help them when looking for a high quality program.

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