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2022 “LET’S READ TOGETHER!” Program Was a Success

Sponsored by the Jefferson County Child Care Association 

“LET’S READ TOGETHER!” is a reading program designed for providers and families to spend time reading with their child(ren) to support love for reading and learning. Children love to listen to stories, look at pictures, hear and see the words, and talk about what happened in the story. 

“LET’S READ TOGETHER!” is a great tool for your very special time during the day when you sit down to read to your child(ren).The program started on August 24, 2022 and ended October 26, 2022.


Programs that participated in our reading program read a total of 14,954 books! 

**1st place--Carrie Kennedy, 1728 books

**2nd place--Joan Stapleton, 1324 books

**3rd place--Amber Bilby, 1245 books

Open Door Newsletter

Future editions of Open Door newsletters will be shared to current JCCCA members through Provider Times.

Past Editions: 

Congratulations readers!

Support for Providers

I am looking forward to continuing the work JCCCA has done over the years and leading the association through 2020 and the future.  What that future is going to look like is a mystery to all of us.  We are definitely in unprecedented times.  We are navigating through a world-wide health pandemic, working our way through professional and economic uncertainty, and striving for social justice and equality for all.  I have to admit, some days are pretty scary not knowing what is going to happen and how we’ll come out on the other side.  One thing I do know though, is I have friends and family that I can count on no matter what to help support me through this.  Many of these friendships have been formed during my time and participation in JCCCA.   I hope that JCCCA can continue to be a system of support for all our members through this time.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to a board member if you need help, a little advice, or just an ear to listen.  Our board, and association, is full of some pretty amazing individuals!  I have learned so much from so many of you through the years and look forward to continuing to learn and grow as a professional during our time together.


Never stop learning!

Carrie Kennedy, JCCCA President

This is a section of Carrie's letter, click here to read the full thing.

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