Let's Read Together

Each fall we kick off this program designed for providers and parents to spend time reading with their children to support love for reading and learning. To sign up for the reading program or if you have any questions, please come to the August JCCCA meeting.  

JCCCA’s 2019 top “Let’s Read Together” programs were Amber Bilby (3000 books), Cristina Gaeta (1900 books) and Carrie Kennedy (1314 books). 


Between August and October 2019, JCCCA members and families recorded 19,450 books read together!

Open Door Newsletter

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Support for Providers

As caregivers, we meet each day (every morning) with huge expectations. Every day is a brand new opportunity to spend time with the children, give them some fun opportunities, help them learn and grow, and most importantly let them know that someone thinks they are wonderful. Oh my! I love the challenges! Some days are easy and other days are just plain hard.

We need inspiration and support every day. It is my hope that JCCCA can be the kind of support system we need. I know, personally, the friendships I have from JCCCA have meant so much to me. I know that I can call a number of people for advice, mentoring or just for a good strong ear that will listen. The wonderful thing about this support group is that the people all get what you are going through. They understand better than anyone else. We invite you to join us! 

Burn brightly but Don’t Burn Out!

Marilyn Dean, JCCCA President

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