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  • MONTHLY TRAININGS FOR LICENSE RECERTIFICATION - Ten times a year, JCCCA has a monthly meeting which includes a 1 ½-2 hours training that counts towards your continuing education for your license renewal. JCCCA offers training that is relevant, useful, up to date with current theories, is enjoyable, and with quality trainers and presenters. These trainings are part of your yearly membership fee. That’s 15-20 hours of training for free!

  • ANNUAL “WHAT IT TAKES!” CONFERENCE - This conference offers at least six hours of continuing education and features high quality speakers, vendors and networking. Member Discounts.


Perhaps the best benefit of belonging to JCCCA is being a member of like-minded individuals who understand what your day is sometimes like. You can always find someone within JCCCA who will understand the hardships, frustrations, and joys of our work. Other members quickly become friends and mentors who help in times of need and celebration.

  • PROVIDER APPRECIATION - JCCCA has a “Provider Appreciation” meeting once a year. Each month a provider is chosen to be recognized as Provider of the Month. A great chance to share ideas and mentor other providers.


  • NEWSLETTER - JCCCA produces the bi-monthly newsletter, The Open Door just for members. The newsletter has useful information including book reviews, children’s activities, craft ideas, licensing updates, insurance and training resources, current Early Childhood Education articles, professional news, and other valuable resources for providers.

  • REFERRAL SERVICE – We help you fill up your childcare openings with our Referral Service. We connect families with our members, building up your business.

  • WEBSITE - Members can create a personalized profile on the EReferral page. e-Referral is an online provider search for families to use to look for providers. The website has great information for providers and families alike. Find resources to help you with policies, forms, licensing, training, and links to other useful sites.


  • READING CONTEST – A chance to promote reading with young children and encourage parents to support daily reading. April - September. Prizes in several categories.

  • TOUR OF HOMES - A luncheon is served. Providers tour 6-8 homes to acquire fresh new ideas for a quality early learning environment. An inspiring, fun experience.

Join now! New memberships $50.

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