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Updated: Feb 22

Being a child care provider isn't always easy! We want to recognize the special providers who go above and beyond for their kids!

To nominate your child care provider for JCCCA Provider of the Month and tell us what makes them special, email Nikki at

Provider of the Month:

January 2021 - Anna Orrino

November 2020 - Marilyn Dean

August 2020 - Loretta Sampson

February 2020 - Todd Blanchard

October 2019 - Jenny Boncich

September 2019 - Joyce Acheson

June 2019 - Sue Kansteiner

April 2019 — Charmaine Freeny

February 2019 — Cristina Gaeta

September 2018 — Bev Hovey

May 2018 — Valerie Lovato

February 2018 — Cabrina Briano

August 2017 — Tisa Smith

Anna Orrino

Words from Anna:

Dear JCCCA and Providers,

This nomination comes as a wonderful surprise and I so appreciate the honor of this recognition. It is especially meaningful given how the last months of my career came to a close. As many of you know, I was set to retire in March 2020 and had planned a goodbye party with the families in my care, but all that was cancelled due to COVID-19. In fact, my families and I never got to even physically say good-bye to each other, much less experience the emotional closure of a goodbye. When quarantine closed child care facilities, we didn’t know it would extend past the point at which I had planned my last day; eventually I had to leave the children’s belongings that had been at my house on the porches of their homes, and we said goodbye through zoom. Instead of holding a business estate sale, I sold my business of 35 years slowly through porch pick-up little by little for two months. And compounding this lack of closure was that because we were moving out of state, I experienced sorrowful feelings of leaving JCCCA at perhaps the most difficult time for providers and the families and children we care for.

Yet, I am confident that JCCCA and licensed providers throughout our nation are standing stronger than ever before as you work together during this pandemic. Your efforts to implement new protocol from the CDC to provide safe care are inspiring. I’m so proud of you as you persevere together for yourselves, your families, and your work with children. One day you will have great stories to tell!

This kind of dedicated support is what JCCCA did for me my whole career! We work “alone” with children in our home but we are made better together through JCCCA’s support – and that is so needed. If you can find time to serve on the board - even if only for one or two years - I want to encourage you to do so. The JCCCA board amplified my professionalism and buoyed my confidence in work that is often unappreciated and minimized. I felt a sense of accomplishment giving back to the community. The board also yielded friendships with other professionals in the field that brought encouragement, inspirations, different perspectives, and laughter. Being a member of JCCCA, participating in the organization’s offerings, and serving on the board will help guide your journey working alone day-to-day with the strengthened foundation that comes from the energy of a community . . . better together!

Finally, I would like to encourage you to visualize your goals for your life and work. What’s your personal self-care, emotional & spiritual growth? What are your goals with children and their families? What do want your business to look like in two years, five years, and ten years? Someday, your own family will grow up and your children will live their own lives. So, make plans now for your future. Get professional help to plan your retirement. When you make goals, if you can also identify how to implement them and what supports you need, the sooner you can achieve them. I have been retired for nine months now and I love it! Some day it will be your turn!

Better Together,

Anna Orrino

January 1, 2012

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