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Provider of the Month

Updated: May 20, 2022

Being a child care provider isn't always easy! We want to recognize the special providers who go above and beyond for their kids!

To nominate your child care provider for JCCCA Provider of the Month and tell us what makes them special, email Nikki at

Provider of the Month:

April 2022 - Tisa Smith

January 2022 - Natalie Payant

October 2021 - Candy Wamboldt

June 2021- Penny Polston

May 2021 - Ms. Birgit

January 2021 - Anna Orrino

November 2020 - Marilyn Dean

August 2020 - Loretta Sampson

February 2020 - Todd Blanchard

October 2019 - Jenny Boncich

September 2019 - Joyce Acheson

June 2019 - Sue Kansteiner

April 2019 — Charmaine Freeny

Nominated by one of her daycare families, Tisa Smith is our POM for April--Congratulations Tisa!! This family could not say enough about what a positive experience having their baby/toddler in Tisa's daycare has been. Tisa always takes time to talk during the day, or at pick up and drop off, and her communication is excellent. The parents mention when their baby started in daycare they would text throughout the day to see how she was doing, and Tisa always responds quickly, creating such peace of mind. They love the group texts about parties in the daycare community, and they definitely enjoy the newsletters and daycare calendar, it makes mom & dad feel like they are still a part of such a wonderful community of families and little people in Tisa's care. The time and effort she puts into the preschool & toddler curriculum is intentional, and she has always had a welcoming and loving home for all she looks after. Thank you Tisa for being Amazing you!!

Tisa has operated her home daycare for 29 years! Through all those years of varying kids and families, she has stayed true to her curriculum, focusing on ABC's, 123's, and enjoying all the holidays with fun crafts and parties for all ages. She currently enjoys outings with all her preschoolers and babies. Even when COVID shut down everything for a period of time, Tisa still made it a priority to drop-off learning materials for her family's weekly and still met them on Zoom too! Tisa wants to encourage all providers that although these times have been so isolating, get connected with other providers in your neighborhoods. If licensing is getting you down, or kids' tough behavior or challenges with parents are overwhelming, we all gotta talk it out--it helps us stay the course in our daycare journey! Pay attention to yourself and how you are coping. Sometimes you can change your circumstances, sometimes you can't, but it always helps to have people in your corner, which is what JCCCA has been for Tisa over the years. Thanks to those who have listened and encouraged her on several occasions!

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