JCCCA 1st Annual Diaper Drive

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

JCCCA collected diapers to give to the Rocky Mountain Diaper Depot February 14 - April 24, 2019, and is proud to announce the collection and donation of 7746 diapers and 117 packages of wipes.

Thank you to everyone who helped collect and donated diapers to this very worthy cause. You can read more about JCCCA’s first annual diaper drive in this Denver Parent article.

The Diaper Need

It's hard to be a baby in poverty. Now imagine it without diapers. A baby needs 6-10 diapers per day, costing upwards of $100 a month. When a family lives at or below the poverty level, they might have to choose between paying bills, buying food...or buying diapers (which they can't buy with WIC of food stamps). Without enough diapers for routine changes, dirty diapers get reused, creating rashes and health problems - babies cry more, stress levels go up and parenting gets tougher.

We get diapers for these babies - and change lives!

JCCCA board member Sue Kansteiner presents Bill Youmans of Rocky Mountain Diaper Depot with almost 5000 diapers and 88 packages of wipes. The donation is the first from JCCCA's Diaper Drive.

Sue Kansteiner (JCCCA) and Joan Youmans (RMDD) with the final diaper donation. 7746 diapers and 117 packages of wipes were donated and collected by JCCCA.

For more info and who to contact with questions, view the event flyer.


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